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So then the plugins were recently updated and i must agree these pluins are amazing quality and im so glad ive joined this site.
I would happily pay doubleBig Grin
Out of curiousity are there any other major plugins due for release soon?
Also i have a great idea for a plugin if you would be intrested.
Think its a really useful one as wellCool
Why you use this section?
(Nov 08, 2009, 06:28 AM)Loque Wrote: [ -> ]Why you use this section?
Hardly a freindly response.
If this was placed within the wrong section then it can be moved surely.Tongue
Yea it can be moved... I'm sure Labrocca or Lex will move it.

There is link dump coming soon... too see more go to to see testing of the plugins and new themes by mybb central.
I try to keep up with my projects. I'll be selling off soon my #1 site so that will free up time for more MyBB stuff.
My idea for a plugin was when somebody sets a custom profile field and somebody posts in it that the custom profile is sent to the forum and displayed as a post in the introductions,i suppose similiar to the post on reg plugins