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Full Version: paypal paid
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hi.. i'm new in this forum.. i'have paid for became member but i don't have any confermation..
Your account is upgraded.

I pay and I am not pass that must be a member!
Sorry for my English I'm French
You must be upgraded's showing you as a subscriber.
ok i have just sent money. I hope this works lolz.
You will get it as soon as he gets the pm from you.
well i sent a pm and he said he didnt get money or didnt go through or something....I swear if paypal outed me 10USD im not gona be happy.
Well Labrocca wouldn't cheat you... I'm 99% sure he wouldn't. Keep in touch with him and pm him a few times and sort it out. If its a problem with paypal contact them.
well i hope hey pms me back about this. Cause i dont wana lose 10USD
He will pm you back just be patient. Also you may want to attach a proof of payment from your transactions to his paypal and pm him the email you sent the money from (your paypal email).

It may speed up the process.