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Full Version: Problem with stats
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Ive installed numerous plugins on my site from this site and a couple from mybb offical site.
It seems that since i installed the sideboxes my forum stats are not displaying correctly.
It may well not be this but i think this is a reason.

The stats section on my site dont seem to be working correctly and is showing old posts and old statsSad

Any ideas that will resolve this?

The stats can be found on my site

Thank you in advance
It doesn't appear that you have the latest version of the plugin.
Ive upgraded to 1.2 on the sieboxes plug in but im still having this issue?Sad
Okay so now which specific stats are you talking about?

Because your forums appear normal to me.
These ones

The most replied to threads and most viewed threads.

There showing really old stats.
That's got nothing to do with sideboxes.
Ok then,
Any suggestions on what this could be then?
How old is 'really old'?? They're cached for 24 hours IIRC.
No not that...
Its been stuck like it for about 2 weeks...
Im really confused by it.
Have you tried going to ACP > Tools & Maintenance > Cache Manager > stats > Rebuild Cache??