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Full Version: [Tutorial] Guide to change the text color on mybbsig
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Ok first of all thanks to kdog2fast for showing me the path. Since I have problem with this before so I think its nice to share the knowledge for other member to change the default color for their mybbsig.

Ok first of all open ur mybbsig.php(due to what kdog2fast said 'I don't want to post the variables for visitors') so I won't show you the script here for subscriber only :p

Then look in that script for numbers(that the RGB color code) the default number is that 153,153,153
and 255,255,255

Ok simple explanation;
The 153,153,153 stand for color for the Total Members, Total Posts and Total Threads.

and the 255,255,255 stand for your site name and board title

For guide to choose ur RGB color plz go here w3schools
Lol thanks for giving me some credit. Good job Tongue