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Full Version: template help
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can someone help me
i wish to adjust my template so that the title for the columns "forums, last post etc" are only shown at the top of the very first section of forums, with no space between the next area of forums.

an example site that has this (well, all VB sites have this)

notice how all the forum cateogry areas are joined together and the column titles are at the top not repeated again and again


template code apprecaited + rep
Hey RPG your VB templates are very helpful and I can use it in Asp dotnet. It will be easy for me o create ASP or PHP template according to it. some of them are not working with php tool. You have developed and managed the forums very well and I got so much of information related VB, ASP and Linux. Thank you for sharing.

Did you look at the forum I showed you? Quite clearly shows that the titles for the columns are not repeated before each forum main cateogory.