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If you use ptc websites, and want to post about them and advertise your links, WHILE earning money, this is the place for you.

But how does it work?

Each post you make adds a "post: (your post count)" to your posts...

let's say you have 20 posts, that equals 0.20 cents.

Minimum payout is, $10.00

So at 1,000 posts that's an easy $10.00 right there, while making money with your ptc website.

I will be releasing different packages that will give you more cash per post.


bronze package: $7.00 (per month) gives you 0.02 per post

silver package: $12.00 (per month) gives you 0.05 per post

golden package: $17.00 (per month) gives you 0.07 per post

This is a high leverage for you.

I will be posting updates, throughout this week and weekend. I hope you guys enjoy what I've come up with.