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Full Version: Premium themes giveaway at indiePaper!
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Hi everyone,

If you want to get the amazing themes from, for FREE. Take our survey right now! here. Only 10 simple questions and you're done.

Anyways, you might not want to win premium themes, but you can answer it too. You just want to help theme development to become better Wink

I'll base the amount of given themes in porcentage, so I don't know the amount of theme I'll give away. 25% are winners!! and you lose nothing for trying (it's not even a 5 min survey)!!

Please note that we WILL be checking the submitted anwsers closely, so answer properly. And remember, NO cheating. You'll just lose any of your chances.

Survey ends on Nov 15! (only three days left!)


PS: you will be free to choose which theme you want, no matter if are the current ones, or future ones.
Intresting im willing to take the survey.