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Ok so i made a theme for my board and its nice and all, really sleek and what not, but some of the text is showing up in black which is making it almost impossible to see. This is in the Copyright notices and the forum icons when you click in a thread...also with the moderation options text.....

The board is if you look around you will see what I mean.

PM me if you can help, i can provide you admin access if needed. If you help i can give you vip dl, mod, etc.... as long as it works i am sure i can hook ya up.

I will not pay for forum subscriptions.
I would help you just PM me. But I won't help with the header and icon. Just the text. If you don't believe me look at my work just click my banner below. Well if interested you should give me detail on what color you are interested. I would need your themes and I only work during this time I'm posting you. So have patience if u need my help.

p/s: you should subscribe you are missing the fun stuff here.
(Nov 13, 2009, 12:17 PM)itsmie Wrote: [ -> ]p/s: you should subscribe you are missing the fun stuff here.

lolz i know, but gimmi 10 and i will lmao.

but i sent you pm mate.