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Full Version: Hi Guys
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Hi there,

My name is Tyler Allen, I am 16 and I Currently Live in Greenaburg, Pa. I have one brother and a bf, yes a with it lolz. Currently as of now i am learning many things and I am really not sure what i fully want to do with my life because I am interested in so many things.

I love web designing, and doing some minor C++ coding. I write a bit of JS, but not so much good at it lolz. My web skills mainly lie in CSS and various forums of HTML. I am also a writer and I am currently writing a new book of mine called "Angel" Which will be finished sometime in 2010. I am also learning cosmetology, i think its fun and it takes a lot more skill to cut and style hair as you might think.

If anyone ever needs Help with anything please feel free to pm me. Whether this is emotional help, gfx help, web help, or anything guys and girls might have questions on...please do not hesitate to ask.

Well I think that is enough from me.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for dreading all of this.

Tyler Allen Tongue