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Full Version: Swim Forums gets a refresh! (Review Please)
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I was fairly proud of the Swim Forums theme I made, but the header felt too boring and to me seemed to bring down the entire design. So after a few months, I finally got sick of it.

I have redesigned the header, and will probably be redesigning the footer and more over time. In case you are interested, here is what the old and new header look like:

Old Header:

New Header:

Feedback, criticism, advice? Smile

PS: The news things are exactly the same as MyBB's, and I do plan on changing them. They are just there for public view as I experiment with the best color choices.
Very nice improvement! Looks very professional now. I love the Banner. Wish you many more members Smile - Had a question for you, I provided an image below, what I'm asking is what Plugin is that, the "red" arrows are pointing at, and also is that editable colors + custom text. Right now, on I Have something like that but it Scrolls, and looking for something more static.

[Image: whatisthis.gif]

I currently use simple template edits, but this mod should do the same:
Nice header... Im a fan of the old one but I do like your new one alot :p
Hmm, I have a question about the logo: Do you think it would look better if I stuck the man in between Swim Forums and the user info?
Nope I think it would look a little messed up then. It looks good right now...