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The purpose of this site is to have fun exploring,experimenting,customizing....etc MyBB Forum the quick way,subscribed users will have FTP,ACP(Full access),the non subscribers are level 1 admins and will only have forums&posts access in ACP.

If you wish to become a subscriber pm me
You can get it either way.
1.Pm me the reasons why you should have full access.
Or 2.Pay 2dollars.

Enjoy adding your flavor to this forum.
I copy/pasted the above message which you will recieve once you register the forum,so yeah thats pretty much it.
Nice idea, its very.... different Tongue

Lets hope nobody abuses the power or anything like that

edit- Didn't even see... someone deleted the index already
Lol yeah i know,reuploading...
Updated post.
Alright looks good now... but now that you might have to pay for the access it might move others away from the site.
True but i've also added another option to pm me the reasons why they should have access.
Edited price to 2dollars$