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WarezAngels is apart of the Angel Networks. At WarezAngels we supply everyone with the best and latest software. We make our own customized OS and we also have a few mybb, IPB, VB, and some phpbb mods. We also have custom themes for windows. We have hacking tuts, and so much more. We are always expanding and our new site is just proving that to be true.

I hope that you stop by and see what you think of the site. It is still undergoing some minor adjustments, such as adding forums, ads, and theme tweaks.

So if you ever have some free time and want to check out my latest site, please go to the following url or you can click here. -Board

Thank you,
-Tyler Allen :: Angel Cool
You should change the banner to match the theme. Other then that your starting well and good luck.
Yeah...the person that made it is weird like that. I'll be making a new one once i get my lazy butt to download PS lolz.

Thanks for the feedback.