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Full Version: Cookie Path Error.
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People on my forum are saying when they log in, then get re-directed to the index, but aren't logged in. Does anyone know how to go about fixing this?

EDIT: Seems I'm getting it too, when ever I change section in the admin CP, I have to re-login, I'm guessing something isn't CHMODed correctly?

Second EDIT: It seems it's a cookie thing, as the directory the cookies are saved to no longer exists, however if I try and make any changes to that section, they wont work =S

Agh, this is killing me, I can't make any changes in AdminCP, they all revert, is there a way to edit the cookie path manually?
Yes, you need to edit your cookies, but we can't tell you what to edit them to without your URL.
(Nov 18, 2009, 01:05 PM)MattR Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, you need to edit your cookies, but we can't tell you what to edit them to without your URL.

I know what to edit them too,

But, every time I make a change in AdminCP, I click save, then it makes me log in, so I do, and it takes me back to tha page, but no changes are made.

Is there a way I can edit it manually in the .php files?
Common, someone must know a simple fix, it's a simple error. If I have the wrong cookie path, then the AdminCP wont save changes, other people must have done this, it's an easy error to make.
Got help from my webhost (MyBB WebHost)

Quote:Leon 11:18:49 PM
Hi, there are two steps to this:

1) Go into your File Manager, and find inc/settings.php and scroll down until you see cookie settings. Edit them as necessary

If you don't know what to put, you can use this tool:

2) Go into your Admin CP, General Configuration, and make sure that your cookie settings are correct. Then press 'Submit'. This will write the correct settings into your database.
The sticky thread in the support forum on also explains all this.