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Full Version: Hello Everyone
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I am Ali ( rex is my nick ) so total Alirex.

I joined this site long time back but feel that its good to Upgrade my account on this board as the owner is very helping to myBB development.

About myself

Country :- India
Age :- 29
Profession :- Civil Engineer
Hobby :- Roller Blading , Cricket , Small Coding and Website Workout.

Hi Ali bhai, Pleased to see you here. Keep stay and enjoy with us Smile
Nice to see u , you are coding for mybbcentral too ? GREAT
Yea, its my first plugin and I love to share with all of good members like you Wink
I am waiting for my Subscriber Tag , hope admin will come soon and i got the tag then will test your Mod on my new board
Welcome to the site. You do have the tag below your user name.