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Full Version: Fill In CPA Offer To View Section If Guest
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I know some forums can make some SERIOUS money from this if they have good content. I know I have a section of my forum that requires 1 post and every day I get about 40 users that register and make 1 post to enter that section. If I had this plugin, I could take a incentive survey that pays $2.50 per completion and say 30 of these people do it and so $2.50 x 30 = $75 per day. Or if you did a ringtone offer that pays $15 per completion. Say 4 people do it of 40, then 4 x $15 = $60. Anyways, this is my suggestion. Thank you for reading if you name is Labrocca. Smile
Yes someone please make this plug in. Really take this in consideration. Great idea dude.
Thanks. There is something like this I found called Black Hat Code Breaker but its just for websites general plus costs $67.