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Full Version: [Request] Banner for my forums.
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I'd like a banner for my latest forum/website.

  • Background - White and blue
  • Text - Gadget Forums
  • Slogan if possible - The latest Gadget News and Reviews
  • Images - Not important but if possible, a few gadgets or just one to top it off.
You can find the "banner template" in the attachment.

If anyone is interested in helping me create this either post below or PM me. Or you could contact me at Gadget Forums, my username there is Gadget.

I have nothing that I can give in return but I will appreciate it dearly.

Thank you, Skill.
If you save the banner template that I have posted in an attachment, you'll be able to add that to your forum and then resize it so that it fits.

Let me know how it goes.
I made this,although it's not that good :S I'll make a better one later.
[Image: GF-1.png]
better version:
[Image: GF2.png]