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The latest Gadget News and Reviews!

I've been working on this for quite some time, mainly because I haven't been able to find a theme that suits me. At the moment the theme that I have set is going to be used for the time being.

Post your feedback and if you have any suggestions, PM me them or post below.

Thank you, Skill.
i dnt like all the white but its ok Tongue
Are you the same Skill from HF?

Great site IMHO.
Yeah, i'm Skill from HF and SF.

Thank you for the feedback.

Any suggestions?
Change the solid background.
I have changed the background. It is now a gradient blue to white colour Smile

How does that suit you?
I have now updated Gadget Forums. I've implemented a few more plugins that were created by labrocca and I have also got a new theme. The theme was made by a friend, he goes by the name of trilobyte-. I think he is also a member here.

Check it out and tell me what you think:
The site you got there is alright. Still looks default. Its just my opinion so don't take it personal.
Don't worry about it. Every one is entitled to their own opinion and I don't take it personal. It helps me out in a way. A few people have said the site looks like the default. Maybe some more modifications are in order Smile
Header looks more like a signature than a header/logo. Doesn't really match the site either.

The background you're using has imho too thick the lines plus 4 color lines tend to less attractive in my view. Look for something simpler and easier on the eyes. The rest of the elements are fine I think.
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