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Full Version: Upgrading and having to re-install mods
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Since the forum software is updated so much, I oftentimes have to re-install a lot of mods for my forums.

Is there any alternative? Should I just not install a lot of mods?
I know that every plugin I have doesn't need to be deactivated nor uninstalled at this point. I have 35 installs and most have a few plugins active..some as many as 8 plugins. I just upgrade and go forward. It's important to know which "templates" get effected by an upgrade and that a plugin doesn't need that template.

Some plugins written by others really make big changes to either core files or to the templates themselves. Also some templates like the VB clones are usually going to break on any upgrade with template changes. IMHO it's best to use the Mybb style template and work from that.