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Full Version: Mybb 1.4.10 had been release does it support labrocca plugin.
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Ok hopefully no one came out with this question yet, cause I'm lazy to use the search button. Ok Labrocca mybb had release its newest update so just a little curious does ur pluggin support it cause i don't want to mess my forum right now but I also wanted security measures too.

Thanks U in advance.
There shouldn't be any compatibility issues between 1.4.10 and any of the 1.4 plugins here, any updates to the 1.4 series will only be security or bug fixes.
The only issues there may be with plugins is PHP 5.3.0 compatibility, that's fixed in MyBB now, however I can only think of one of labrocca's plugins having a PHP 5.3.0 issue and I think it was fixed. There were no security fixes in this upgrade, it was purely a bug fix release, it shouldn't break anything really.
I have a new forum installed with many of the 1.4x plugins on the latest software of Mybb. All the plugins I used work.
MattR don't forget about the admincp changes to be mod_security compatible. I have to look into that in case I need to make some changes to my plugins. However if anyone does experience a problem please contact me asap and I'll fix it.

I haven't yet updated my own sites unfortunately. I know this is a big update and I want to go over things carefully.