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Nice but nothing fascinating :\


u need to juice it up more
I don't understand what it's suppose to be a forum about.
Is this forum hosted on 000webhost? And I agree with everyone else man I have no idea what its about. Maybe you should open some forum's for guest or add some if you don't have any.
Most domain names give others an idea of what the site is going to be about but this domain lacks enthusiasm. I suggest getting a better domain and not using a free one.

I don't want to sign up to something that I don't know anything about. Can you give us a description of the site to give us an idea of what we will be expecting if/when we become a member?
imo, it looks like you just uploaded a theme, made a logo, a few forums, and asked people to rate it. Not the best site I've seen. You also don't have a tagline. You should think of one. It pretty much just tells the user what your website is about and is catchy.