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Full Version: Seeking help with 2 modifications
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I am looking to make 2 mods to my forum. I am running 1.4.9, but will probably upgrade to 1.3.10 once I have a chance to look at the files and make sure I won't lose any of the other modificaitons I've made.

I am willing to pay someone a reasonable amount to finish these mods, and happy to share the coding with anyone else who wants them, once they are completed.

The first mod I'm trying to make is to add 1 additional page to the registration process. I have created a template and named it member_register_agreement1, and added it in member.php, but I cannot get the coding correct to make the registration process go from member_register_agreement_coppa to member_register_agreement to member_register_agreement1 to member_register.

The second mod I'm looking for is with the reputation system and is to show the post repped for into the reputation details page. I am using the multi rep plugin. I have added a pid column to the database in the reputation table, and edited the reputation_vote template to include the post id, and can successfully link to the post in the reputation details page, but, I cannot figure out how to make the pid post to the reputation table, or how to echo back the pid subject.

One other thing I'd like to do with the rep sysem is also partially done, but I'd like a little more functionality: I have modified the reputation.php to allow users to award rep points based on how much reputaion they have, sort of like vBuletin works. I.E. users now have reputaion and rep power. Rep power is 1/100 of their reputaion, and users can rep, positive or negative up to their rep power. I would like them to be able to only negative rep up another user by up to 1/2 of their rep power.

I probably have these 50% complete, but I am not an experienced programmer and can't finish them. If anyone can and wants to finish the mods please PM me.
Mods completed. Anyone who's interested can PM me and I can provide the code edits required.