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Full Version: Whats up people~!!
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Hows it goin everyone, Im Steven but bruceleejr is just one of my aliases.I've been messin with forum software ever since I was 11-12 yrs old, so for about 11-12 years now(do the math Wink )...

I've played with Invision.Invision was my first love ( HAHAH). I used to edit that forum everyday with all kinds of plugins and hacks and whatnot.

I also had an ezboard forum which is now known as Yuku I think. They turned into a social networking site.

And then I came across proboards. It was free and looked noobie-friendly and I had fun with that one for a while.

phpbb didnt like much, too slow and alot of spam posts.

Mercury boards,zero boards and the new Vanilla forum, i've messed with them but only for a few days cuz I didnt like em lol

There have been many many others that I've tried out in the past as well.

The best PAID one I came across was Vbulletin. I would'nt go back to anything else UNTIL I found MyBB.

MyBB is like Vbulletin except FREE. How can you beat that~? You can't.

Although MyBB may not have as many plugins,themes and templates for it, I always make my own anyways so thats not a problem.

MyBB is the best.