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Full Version: mod's needed
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need mods for my Fifa forum
Can you give us a link so i can see what it looks like.

get back to me mate.
still doing it up
Subscribe here? Lex has a sexy plugin coming which would be great for a soccer/futbol community if you can wait for it.
i hav no money
(Dec 07, 2009, 10:09 PM)donlerz Wrote: [ -> ]i hav no money

With only 11 members any yourself one of those i would have thought staff was not really a priority rather getting your domain out there so others join.
Or is that what you are actually doing here?
how much to be a subsciber here. mate i need mods to help me bring in people

There's the subscription page. Choose your payment method, whichever you find easier and the payment is $10 for a lifetime subscription.
i have no money !!!
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