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Full Version: Portal Cut off mod not working.
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Well I am trying to download and install the portal cutoff mod from the mybb site. Its the one that will cut the portal announcements after a certain amount of characters, and then display Read more. So I get this error. (not from my site but the same error) For like one second, then it will go to my plaza turbo and say item not found. BUT it will show up in my portal settings, but it won't work.

Please tell me how to fix this, or if their is another plugin like this. Or if I can get the code and install it manually then that would also work for me.
Permission problem is generally associated with chmod. I am not familiar with that plugin though.
Um, All my other plugins work fine :-/

If you want to see the code or what ever.
Quote: //Replace the link & counter.
$fh = fopen(MYBB_ROOT.'portal.php', "r") or cperror("Could not open file!"); //OPEN FILE
$data = fread($fh, filesize(MYBB_ROOT.'portal.php')) or cperror("Could not read file!"); //MAKE TEMPORARY STRING
fclose($fh); //CLOSE FILE AGAIN
$newdata = preg_replace('#'.preg_quote('$message = $parser->parse_message($announcement[\'message\'], $parser_options);').'#',

It wants to edit portal.php. Crap plugin imho but it's your forum.
Oh, really? LOL If ya say its crap plugin then I guess I have to take ur word for it HAHA

But um, if you know of any plugin that can do the same thing. Or like I said in my first post if I can get the code and do it manually then I would appreciate that.
When you say portal you mean the posts from threads or just the actual portal announcements? I don't use portal so not sure if there is even a difference. Looking at the portal.php code there is a hook "portal_announcement" that can be used to cut off the parsed message. That plugin is crap.
Yea, the posts on the forum that show up in the portal. Thats what I want to set a max characters for.

I was looking at that, the one in templates right?

But I think I need a code to add so it will do it right?