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Full Version: Unusual problem?
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When ever i edit a post or actually edit anything seemingly i get this result.

<t>1260342332</t>Age Of Empires 2.

Now this thread was obviously Age Of Empires 2. And i edited it. Now as i do it shows this code there. Now if you refresh its not there.
Any ideas why this is the case?
I did have to do a few raw edits for another problem which may be the problem im not sure.
Here is the original problem.
Now the fix i did was this.
Only the branch files as was indicated.
Thanks if anyone has the time to check this out.
Its not a big problem by any means. More just a buggy thing i picked up and thought i would share with you all.
Another site has this same I have no idea what the problem is. It could be template related or maybe a deep file.

It looks to me like a timestamp or maybe the longipaddress is being displayed. I did a complete package search for <t> hoping to get a result but got none.
Thought i would bump this to see if there is any progress.
Something i failed to mention is this problem only occurs when edits are done. Now that makes me wonder if its actually a plugin i have running.
(Mod type one) or similar.
Especially if you cant find it Labrocca then its a pretty safe bet its a silly plugin as apposed to he MyBB engine.
Wish i knew who the other party was who has the problem.
Sharing a list of plugins could limit the search rather quickly.
I think this was from some moderator plugin to edit posts or display IP. It's not one of mine though.

Post ones which aren't mine and effect postbit.
This flash buttons are in a DIV that as an Iframe in it, so I suppose the problem resides in the Iframe... but with only the Flash animation is being affected and not the full Iframe?
even i faced the same problem too