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Post your comments/feedback.

I would greatly appreciate some tips.
Nice forum Wink My also is about GameHacking (from Italy):
For me you are using too much forums section... They are maybe "dispersive"... Where are you from?
Very Nice. And quite successful.
A few things though. The banner is a bit lost in the top there. It needs some work i think.
The forum post icons are big squares. Change them i think.
Finally slow your bot down lol. Its made 50% of all posts. Thats just too much i feel anyway.
Deactivate the bot, this makes non relevant content in your forum Wink
It's a start. I think you have a lot of work ahead of you but for a newer site it's good.
Yeah, our graphics designer is currently working on the new logo, since we got the new l33t green theme. I also originally intended the bot to arouse a bit of discussion [hence the "world news" section], but I could slow it down a bit, maybe keep it a bit more relevant to the actual forums.

Thanks for the feedback.
Bumping this because we redid everything a month ago. Site was completely redone.

Didn't want a new thread because this one already exists.