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Full Version: Inbound Link Contest with over $100 in prizes!
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Inbound Link Contest over $100 in prizes!
This is an inbound LINK contest. It starts NOW.

Every person entering please create a post in this thread to begin with. Next...go out and create links to The only links that count are active hyperlinks (inactive links will not count). The link MUST have been created by you, viewable without a login, and can point to any existing page at including your profile. We also prefer you use the www in your link. If you have the option to add anchor text please use "Support Forums".

We do not condone spam and we ask that you have permission or are not forbidden to post the link. Only one link per site domain is allowed to count. Example... and are 2 pages but you will get credit only for one. Please do not post multiple domain links for credit. Different members can have links from the same domain though. Anyone using bots or scripts to create links will be disqualified.

An example entry post:

My Inbound Link

ENTRY THREAD <-- All entries should be posted there.

This contest ends on January 23rd 2010 at noon PST. Only links active at the end of the contest and posted in the thread will count.

Some basic ideas to get you started.
Myspace, FaceBook, and Social Networking profiles
Blog comments
Forum profiles
Social bookmarking sites

The winner can easily have a few hundred inbound links maybe even over a 1000.

Feel free to ask questions in this thread.

Seagate Barracuda 500GB SATA/300 7200RPM Hard Drive

RAZER Salmosa Black 3 Buttons 1 x Wheel USB 1800 dpi Gaming Mouse

$15 Amazon Gift Certificate

I reserve the right to change this contest without notice.
So the winner is based on the amount of links?
Damn i could win this easily with a bit of creative work lol. Big Grin
But i wont. I will leave it for more deserving members.

ps.... Does above count as one? lol
I don't understand this.
(Apr 23, 2011, 07:47 PM)Prime Wrote: [ -> ]I don't understand this.

This contest is over long time ago bro.
No need to understand it now.