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Full Version: How do I..... and..... and.....?
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I need a few things added to my forum and I was wondering how I am to do it. First off I need a register box on the side of the index page where you only need to input a username, password, password confirmation, and terms of use agreement. Also on the side I need a latest topics box that displays about 5 threads. And say if I edited the source code like changed the arrangement of buttons where do I save it? And finally how to I place ads anywhere on the page, say if I want it on the top or on the side? I know I got alot of questions and more to come but I'm a complete noob. Tongue

*Please post links if your gonna recommend something.*
Easy answer is to subscribe to this forum and what the talented coders here offer.
The fee is almost nothing and worth its weight in gold.
Once you register you are entitled to download all "Plugins" For your forum which will among other things give you the side boxes you need and anything else. Not to mention support to these said plugins.