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Full Version: upgrading to 1.4.10 from 1.4.9
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I ran the install, it said completed, but no other button appeared or anything else happened.

Went into my admin panel, it says that I still need to update to 1.4.10...

This happened to anyone? Did I miss something or did something go wrong during the upgrade?
Or let me ask the question in another way, is it possible to manually do the update without having the installer do it for you?
If it still said you were on 1.4.9 you didn't upload the changed files properly. You have to run the upgrade script, it's not a case of it 'doing it for you', it's a necessary step in the upgrading process, does stuff to the database,.
Yeah, and besides, you need to go to:
And you have to follow the steps.
I hope you get to update succesfully!
Congratulations, you are running the latest version of MyBB.

Upgrade worked fine for me.
And agree totally with Arqui. Run the upgrade not the install.
Also as a side not make sure you move the admin files to your renamed admin folder (assuming you have done this and all should)
Thank you all, I made the installation to work properly this time, seems like I forgot to upload the config and settings php..
Meh. I wouldn't go to 1.4.10 if you're ever really going to need to edit templates. For me, updates to templates were being applied system wide and new templates weren't being marked as updated. Even filed a bug report on the issue.
I believe that bug is now fixed.
Is it? Must have missed it Wink I'm still sticking with 1.4.9 on my live install. I'll maybe install 1.4.10 on my localhost now though. Cheers.
(Dec 16, 2009, 02:42 PM)Omidkarimi Wrote: [ -> ]seems like I forgot to upload the config and settings php..

You didn't need to upload those again, they wouldn't have had any effect, you only needed to use the changed files package. config.php is called config.default.php in the full package and if you overwrote your current config.php you'd have had to edit your database details in it again, and settings.php only contains settings generated from the database, nothing to do with the version number. If it said you were still on 1.4.9 it would have been because ./inc/class_core.php didn't update, that is the only file that contains the version number.