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Full Version: Some Plugins Not Working
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They use to work... But now some of them don't. MYPS use to not work... Then I disabled it and enabled it and it worked fine. A few others stop working and I couldn't fix them so I left them. Now I am trying Ficons , and that isn't working. I installed it a few months ago... Awards also isn't working, it use to work... but then it stopped... What should I try?
Tell us what version of mybb are u using?
Hum... did you update to 1.4.10? If yes, maybe that is the problem, so you'll have to wait for labrocca (or someone) fixs it.
Maybe you can explain how they're not working...??
(Dec 13, 2009, 01:10 PM)MattR Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe you can explain how they're not working...??

They don't appear. The awards don't show when I assign it to an account. I am using 1.4.8
For one 1.4.8 has exploits. For another the issues sound template related and problems are probably because you don't know wtf you're doing. All the plugins work. There are no known bugs. If you install and use them correctly you won't have any issues.
If what Labrocca saying is true (about the template) I suggest u change back the themes before this( before all the ficon had gone), maybe that should help.