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Full Version: Email Verification not send?
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Hi, i need help, why when im register in my Forum, im not get verification email?

I looked in Spam too, but nothing Sad

IM using some Free Hosting...
Could be a variety of reasons.
First i would try a different email address. Not yahoo but a paid one if you have one. Or just try a couple.
That fails then give me the url and i will try register. I have some emails that dont go through too. Yahoo normally.
But i use Gmail :S

In all forums i saw a text that says: better if u use Gmail :S

This is the url of my Forum,

Thanks in Advance Smile
Yea its not working for me at the moment.
Perhaps its the .cc address?

I dont know...

IM trying with SubDomain Big Grin

PD: Im add u in my Messenger Smile