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Full Version: Help with Subscription
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So I'm pretty sure I want to subscribe. The place has tons of talented people and I'm looking to open up a forum of my own soon and there's a lot of helpful tools here.

My question is, is there anything special I have to do when paying through paypal? I mean, does Labrocca get an update with my username showing payment via paypal or something? Do i have to shove in my username somewhere? Is this all just better done through PM?
Send him a PM when your done and he will upgrade your account as soon as he gets it.
I don't know how the system works here but make sure you provide as much detail as you can. When you are subscribing, if it asks for your username, include it. When you receive your transaction email, include that in the PM you send to labrocca.

Don't mess your chances, just provide everything you can, in order to receive your subscription Smile
Just add your username in payment.