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Full Version: Some help please...
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I am using New post on registration at the moment and side boxes.
I am also using a custom profile field where a member tells us something about themselves.

Is there a way to fetch the data from the custom profile field and make it automatically post on the forum in the username of the member so it just looks like a new post from that member?


Thanks in advance.
wow complex. Lets see....(searching google)

You could try linking the profile feild to the forum thread or catagory you want the post to be made. Labrocca would know of a way o do that...if there is any.

I could not find anything like that......but a good i dea for a plugin....I might work on that....thanks for the idea.

Kudos...but sorry i could not be mroe help.
Not without altering the plugin. But it should be easy imho. I'd have to see the plugin.
Im sure this was the plugin i used:
Does not give much discription on the plugin does he. What exactly does this plugin do?
When a new member joins it posts a message on the forum from ME saying hello and welcome and it allows a custom message from me.
But i was looking for this to be varied so it posts a message from the new member with the details from the custom profile field.
can anybody offer any help on this?