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Full Version: More help.
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Another quick question.
I am using MY ADMANAGER on the forum but i feel the header banners are a little out of line with the rest of the site.
I would like to move one of the banner ads and display this next to my logo.
So if you look on the MYBB CENTRAL HEADER now see where the image of the world globe is i would like to enable banner ads to display here.

Any ideas on code changes please?
You would have to recide it so that it would display ads in the headder itself. Although you can manually add them to your header. What you need to do is edit your templates to allow that.

I'll either post a tut on that or you can pm me and i will show you exactly how to do that.
A tutorial would be good.
May as well put it on here so that it benefits other users as well...Smile

Thank you ever so much..Smile
ok mate, i will make a tut right now.
Thank you ever so much
any update on plugin?