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Full Version: Problem after upgrading. [ Need fast help ]
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Ok I wanted to upgrade my software since it was out of date. However after I did my forum looks all corrupted now. Anyway here are the instructions if followed, and here are some screen shots of ho the forum looks now.

[Image: 53p7j4.jpg]

So after i tryed uploading the back up to MySql this is the error i get. Do i need to dump the tables before i upload or will it overwrite once i upload?

[Image: 2ebbl39.jpg]
Why are you trying to upload the backup? If you do a update all tables are still on yuor site. What your going to have to do is remove the upoaded backup....or just uninstall everything and reupload your back up.

The error message bacically saying that your uploading a board ontop of a board...not good.

So if your doing a backup....dump tables.....if your doing an upgrade....follow steps... lolz....if you need help with anything i will be glad to help you.

Just hit me up with a pm.
Well im trying to upload the backup because the forum looked all retarded.

Anyway thanks for you help. Im going to try dumping the tables and uping the back up.
Glad i could help ya out. If ya need anything else...just hit me up. ^_^