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Full Version: Hiya!
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Hey all!

I've been registered here since September, but forgot that I had this forum bookmarked.

Who will be the first to welcome me?
i will be Big Grin

welcome mate, we got so much stuff here its awesome.

If ya ever need anything feel free to ask Big Grin
Someone beat me to the welcome. Better late than never though. Welcome to the site.
~chuckles and dances~ I beat the MyBB master muahahahahaha Big Grin

(sorry, pointless i know, but funny..)

Yes mr.programmer is funny...scary....

again...welcome Big Grin
Welcome to the site Big Grin
Thank you everyone for the warm welcoming! Smile
Hii every one this is Carrol from US and I am glad to be the part of it..
Carrol Spncr
laptop repairs London