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Full Version: Upload as Thumbnail or as Full image?
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Is there any way I can allow members to choose for themselves if they want an uploaded picture to be shown as a thumbnail or in full size? Because right now you can pick between either ''Thumbnail'' ''Full size image'' or ''Download link'' in the Admin CP, but you can't pick ''Show as Thumbnail or Full size image'' or whatever.

Is there a way to do this?
If u know how you can edit the mybb to add such a feature. I do believe there is a mod for this...however i cant remember where it is.
Okay, anyone else?
No one? Seriously? I really find it hard to believe I'm the only one that would like this function intergrated into MyBB.
Never heard of this functionality or anyone ask for it in 4 years.

It's an either/or situation. You can't have both. What you can do is make the thumbnail size very large and then all images uploaded will not get thumbnailed.
hey, how can i change the thumbnail size?