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Full Version: [ Preview ] Making a Custom theme about 25% done
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I need some opinions before i go any further so i can edit on the way and not have to re edit later. Ok well im about 25% done. All the menus you see there are drop down and by categories. Obviously the logo is not going to stay. This is just a test template to center the logo and kind of see how its going to look. Anyway enough talking here the theme so far. It would be cool if you commented Laborcca Big Grin

[Image: 5by96x.png]
i like this so far. Pretty nice...i'll follow you on this.
Thanks Big Grin I hope other people do to. If this becomes requested i may release it exclusively on MybbCentral. As well as some other themes I might be creating.Big Grin
If this works out i might want to have my Team spen a few days on it coding and making new style and possible custom animations for it. I like the drop down this theme avilible for preview on your site now?
Thanks that would be cool to get your teams help on this. Anyway I don't have it for a live demo ATM. I'll post a live demo when I'm about 60% to 70% done which I will be testing for bugs.
Not enough done to comment about design imho.
Ok I will finish up a little more and then show it.
The menu design is nice, not much else to comment on.

It could look good depending on where you go with it Smile