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Full Version: Group Membership
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YOu Know how Hackforums has it where there are group leaders, and people can join groups?
I Want that plugin. Any1 have it''?
There's a setting to do that in the AdminCP and no plugin is required (you can have an opened membergroup and your users could join into it)
May you please tell me where i can find that setting?
You can create a "Group Promotions", where your users can join to X group if they meet the requeriments that you want. For that, just go to: Users & Groups -> Groups Promotion -> Add new promotion
I hope you can get it. Just tell me if you don't understand me.
WEll on hackforums they have it where they go to UserCP, and the hit groups memberships and then they can join a group
And then there are Group Leaders and all.
Its more a a clan
But, that you're telling me, is the "Group Promotions" setting.
When you do that, they can join from UserCP. Then you can choose who will be the group leader.
Just try it, and you'll see that it's the same.
(I realize that i'm telling you it's not exactly that you want, but it's something like you want)
But I still think that It's not necesary a plugin to do that you want.
Well i need what i want lol
Omni has it on his HF
you need to make sence...just make groups joinable in the promotions or be publicaly join able. Than you just have to make a group leader un the groups settings.
Yeah that's i was saying... you must make a group promotions and go to "Task manager" and to make that it shows ever (and not every 20 minutes).
uhhhh i still font get it lol
Is this only available in Version 1.4.10?
oh god.
I made myself the group leader, and it changed my primary usergroup and im not superadmin anymore!
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