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ok so my website isnt tottaly finsihed yet i still need to buy mebership to get sum plugins when ive hav sum money also my custom built theme is still being made but i was wondering what do you think so far
You might be hit hard for that domain name. It may violate sony's copyright policy. I would be careful before starting something huge on that site.
Your site will be down with in a few days sorry. Sony will not take kindly to you stealing their forums name. I suggest you change it or at least get written consent from them to use their name in your site.

Also a better theme would be good.
oh ok but ive ahd it for like 2 - 3 weeks and they havent said anything
I would still be very cautious...
TBH I don't like the domain. Your should of picked something more unique.
you should add a clan recruiting section, i would register and post the [sKe] Clan infos all over there :o)
Looks like another gaming site.

, they cant exactly copyright PS
mite change it to PSforums thanx willox for the suggestion
anyone got any other suggestions
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