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Full Version: Profile fields profilizer
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Hey I came out with the name and I take credit for thatBig Grin

now serious business:
Description: A custom field profile manager.
  • you can set which field ID is to be displayed at user profiles
  • you can add whatever code arrount the field value (like <img tags or <embed tags. honestly there are lots of things you can do with this)

Other features if possible:
Comma system for multiple field values.

So heres how it should work.
  1. You create a new custom profile field, and finds out is fid is 5
  2. you then go to this plugin and enter "5" at the FID text box
  3. Add some fancy codes arround it ( <img src="fid5valuehere">)
  4. Another text box asks if what will display when fid5value is not set or nothing

This would BE the most useful plugin concerning user profiles.
You can add youtube videos/multiple youtube videos
You can add a gallery of images
You can add a imeem player to profiles
You can do anything on what the user inputs @ there custom profile fields

This is a challenge for all developers out there.

Good dayBig Grin

Yes I suggested here and I don't have subscription, well thats ok. Big Grin