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Full Version: Problem with my template after update.
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K guys after the update I'm having kinda 2 of everything. Most of them I had fix because it is easy to look for it. But some like the picture below seems hard for me to fix them. e.g. are I'm having double zodiac sign, double thank you, before this double permission box.

But what really irritate me is that the board stat just look at the picture I have double who's online and double site map. Can some one show me which area to edit coz its frustrating looking at where you're not familiar with.

Thank you
Hum... It seems as if all templates have been doubled... I think There's only a way to remove the duplicates... and it's deleting all of them manually.
did you install any mods it seems that there are doubled mods in the template`s,
revert it to the orginal and the problem is solved or find out whatis doubled in the template.
Go to index and look in the index_stats and see of there are more the one mods