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Full Version: Admin Post Editing Mod Variation Needed
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I Need a Slight Variation of these Mod

Quote:Admin Post Editing
Gives admins more options/control when editing posts.

This plugin gives administrators the ability to change four extra things when editing posts:
- The time the post was made
- The user who made the post
- The IP of the post
- Whether to perform a normal edit, a "silent" edit, or completely remove any "Last Edited by" messages

In Above Admin Post Editing Mod Admin Get the Extra Option/control Only When Editing Post Not while Submitting New Threads/topics/replies

Request Requirement: Admin Should Also Be able to get more option/control When posting New Threads/Topics/replies

Even if admin Get the Option/control to change the Author name While posting new thread/topic/replies, this will do for me

Please Help me , Thanks a lot for Your Help