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Full Version: FAPCOR but for register time?
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Listen, this plugin is EXTREMLY important to my forum so how can I get my hands on this?
Is this made? I don't think it is on this site, is it on MyBBoard? I am really pumped for this plugin as my forum is being ruined with out it. Or is there a way to accept members after 24 hours of registration?

If it is not made, i wonder if labrocca would make it. If not, I may ask him if I can modify his FAPCOR script to make it for reg time... hmmm.. someone please respond if you have any advice on where to get this?
Yes this is possible. I'll look into it.
Thank-you Labrocca. My forum is suffering from Runescape kids that just want to access the Runescape section so I put a post requirement of 1 and that is just bad. So if I made it so they have to be registered for 24 hours to post in a certain section, or the whole forum for that matter (because they might go to another section and spam) it would really prevent spam. Thank-you again.
Furthur details of the plugin:
So as a guest, you could go to the section, open the section, in that section will be all the threads listed, just like normal and now after you click on the thread it says "You must register to view this area, please register now." so they register and then come back, it then says "Sorry, to prevent spam, you must wait 24 hours to view this section. In the meantime, you can access our other sections. Sorry for the inconvenience."

I'm telling you Labrocca, this plugin could do dreams for me and I am tempted to learn php etc just for this. I check this thread almost everyday to see if there has been an progress on it but no signs of it yet. Sad