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Full Version: ShinChaneros.Com (need reviews ^^)
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Well I didn't remember to post in here... xD
I wanna teach you, my forum.
It's dedicated to "Shin Chan". It's (mainly) a web where we post many informations about him.
And also, we have a forum MyBB, where i use all of plugins that i download here, in MyBBCentral.
Recently, we had 1000 members registered! And i hope it keeps growing up.
And it's time to let you know what's the URL.
I dunno if i can post the URL website or only forum URl... anyway i post both (if it's not correct, please remove the first link):

- Web
- Forum

I wanna know what you think about the current design of the forum (it's a christmas design, based on IPB Skin. But I have installed a lot of designs, customized by me).
Feliz navida! XD you spanish.. Big Grin Hola como estas?

The index and the forum don't match :/
Shin Chan was my favorite program when I was 8 ^.^
(Dec 29, 2009, 04:04 PM)MindFreak Wrote: [ -> ]Feliz navida! XD you spanish.. Big Grin Hola como estas?

The index and the forum don't match :/
I know the index and the forum don't match. Before, the index was golden, and it matches with the forum (with v3, in the forum), but now, I wanted to do it with different colours xD

(Dec 29, 2009, 06:43 PM)Zomaian Wrote: [ -> ]Shin Chan was my favorite program when I was 8 ^.^
And not now? It's still so funny! xD
Uh, was my thread forgotten? Well I didn't say it, but I'd like that you tell me some reviews.
What do you think about the FORUM? (not the index/web)
Currently, I have installed a Christmas Skin, but I think to change it soon.
So, what do you think about that skin?
Ok now since i know the index is a temp skin then i will give an actual opinion.

Well I think you should make the text ad on the top to fit the theme more. Also the little icon that tells you which boards have new threads i like it but you can't really tell the difference between the ones that have new threads and the ones that don't.

Overall 9/10
Oh, thanks for your reviews.
Do you mean the color of the box ad? If yes, the ad, I know it doesn't match with the skin, but I'm not who puts that ad (well I put the code of it in the head) but the hosting.
So they change the color when its bot see the web (and the bot doesn't often go to my forum or web).

And about the icon, You're right. I think I'll try to change it, or to give at the "new messages" icon more color.

By the way, I added a new thing to my forum. When you click in "Búsqueda" (in english, it's Search) a box will appear. It's like a fast search.
Ok never mind the ad part then.

Yes i think adding a little more color into the icon would make it better.