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Full Version: Upgrading to the latest MyBB Release
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I am feeling very weary about upgrading to the latest version of MyBB simply because I have never upgraded before. So basically my question is what happens to your previous plug-ins when your forum gets upgraded and is there anyway to not tamper with them when upgrading. Do you just simply put a fresh copy of mybb in your forum directory then install all your plug-ins one by one or is there another way without touching your plug-ins because I have quite a few.

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No you don't need to install any plugins again... backup your database, download the changed files package from the blog, upload the files from it so they overwrite your current files.
Well that was very simple. Thank you Matt for your help.

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Part of the beauty of MyBB is the simple upgrade process even with many plugins installed.
(Dec 30, 2009, 12:14 PM)Glen Wrote: [ -> ]Well that was very simple. Thank you Matt for your help.

No problem Smile Bare in mind though that some upgrades will require you to run the upgrade script. If this is necessary, it will say so on the blog post for the update, and the changed files package will include and install folder... if this script is needed then all you'd need to do is go to, choose your old version from the list, and run through the wizard.