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Full Version: I have a template question
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Suppose I wanted to make a header picture as you have here at mybb Central. How would I do that?

There is lot's of information ..but I do not know which one to use.
One said just put it where your banner goes on the edit in the skin. I tried that once and messed up everything. It would not work. I really would rather have a place to write it in.
Can you help? I can edit and work with PHP by direction very easily.

Thank youSmile
There is a background image and the logo.
but say I wanted to use a mybb page with a custom header. Is there a way to add a code so it would be across the top like a header?
I am not sure I fully understand you.
Sorry I guess I was not making myself clear...
Someone told me to do this.. I have copied the post... I was wondering if this works?

To answer #1, yes you can. Just put a bigger image in place of the old logo, and most themes will adapt.

To answer #2, go to "Templates and Style" in the ACP, click "Templates" in the left sidebar, pick your theme, click "Header Templates", then "Header", and find this line:

<div class="menu">

Above it, add this:

<br />
<a href=""><img src="images/yourtheme/sublogo.png" /></a>