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Full Version: how do I change the fonts on my site?
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I have had complaints with the fonts, so I must change it now. I think i may have seen a tutorial about this earlier but i searched and couldn't find it. If anyone can help, it would be really appreciated.
so no one knows how change the fonts... :0
You would have to edit the editor.js file...more specifically, this area:
PHP Code:
        // Defines an array of fonts to be shown in the font drop down.
this.fonts = new Object();
this.fonts["Arial"] = "<span style=\"font-family:Arial;\">Arial</span>";
this.fonts["Courier"] = "<span style=\"font-family:Courier;\">Courier</span>";
this.fonts["Impact"] = "<span style=\"font-family:Impact;\">Impact</span>";
this.fonts["Tahoma"] = "<span style=\"font-family:Tahoma;\">Tahoma</span>";
this.fonts["Times New Roman"] = "<span style=\"font-family:'Times New Roman';\">Times New Roman</span>";
this.fonts["Trebuchet MS"] = "<span style=\"font-family:'Trebuchet MS';\">Trebuchet MS</span>";
this.fonts["Verdana"] = "<span style=\"font-family:Verdana;\">Verdana</span>"