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Full Version: really really really annoying &strange error (serious help needed)
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[Image: whgy3d.jpg]

This happens mostly when I edit a post, some other times too but that is all I can remember at the moment.
Seems like it's echoing the php code....
Something in your editpost.php is not rfight. Or corrupt.
Just try to re-upload the "editpost.php" file Wink
I will try and let you know how I make out. Smile
Nope, still doesn't work... I got this error above but it still works, it you refresh, it works fine, anyways heres the error:
} require_once MYBB_ROOT."inc/functions_user.php"; add_subscribed_thread($post['tid'], $notification, $post['uid']); } else { $db->delete_query("threadsubscriptions", "uid='".intval($post['uid'])."' AND tid='".intval($post['tid'])."'"); } update_forum_lastpost($post['fid']); return array( 'visible' => $visible, 'first_post' => $first_post ); } } ?>
Looks like a corrupted file. Try to reupload fresh ones.
Yea looks like....

Those two are corrupt. Download a fresh 1.4.11 and reupload those two files.
Or, you could update your forum (if you're running a old version) to the last version of MyBB (1.4.11).
Maybe, you solve your problems with an update Wink
Yea just make sure you use the most recent release when you do it tho.
(Jan 01, 2010, 04:33 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]Looks like a corrupted file. Try to reupload fresh ones.

The great one speaks & thank-you for confirming that, now we must find which one... fun! .... :S
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