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Full Version: Help with top pic
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i used a premade template to make a forum

but on the top there is a wierd pic i dont like. even with other templates there is a premade pic for banner. i want to put in my own. but i dont understand the root directory thing. it says put where to get ur logo, i dont get it can sum1 help me plz. i dont know any php or mysql. my frend uploaded the mybb to his site and made me an admin. help plz
Create your own banner and upload it to /forum/images/blackbb/ - then delete /forum/images/blackbb/logo.png - then rename your created banner logo.png Smile
"Root" usually refers to your /forum/ directory. Usually in /public_html/. All you need to do is make your own banner, name it logo.png or logo.gif or whatever, then navigate (This is the usual location) to /public_html/forum/images/{theme}(Your theme name here)/

Then just delete the logo.png/gif or whatever file, and upload yours. Smile